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Welcome to GoldStar Land Services, LLC.

Very experienced, knowledgeable permit agents and permit project supervisors 2D, 3D, VSP well shoots. Our experience with federal, state governmental agencies, local municipalities and constrictive urban programs insures accurate permitting with accountability. State of the art mapping in the most recent versions of Arcview, Autocad and Mapinfo software with linked databases.

GoldStar provides environmental permit consultants with the background knowledge to work with all federal and state regulatory agencies to secure geophysical permits on environmentally sensitive areas as well as areas that encompass endangered species habitat.

Geophysical Permits have become the greatest cost, second only to data acquisition, associated with geophysical exploration projects. Geophysical permitting requires a great deal of diplomacy on the part of the permit agent. As geophysical permits deal with surface ownership it is essential to maintain a good working relationship with the landowner. GoldStar provides permit personnel who maintain a high production, moderate cost alternative to other permit operations.